Cedar D. Wolf - Managing Director

Cedar D. Wolf was educated at The Lee Strasberg Studio (later known as the Method Studio) as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, CA. In addition to writing and directing, Cedar ran the Shakespeare for Dummies TIE programme and worked in fringe theatre before turning her attention to film in 2009. Her works include numerous stage plays as well as several screenplays. She has directed a number of short films that were added to the Amazon Prime catalogue after an initial festival run. She has directed the feature drama RAZZMATAZZ and is currently producing the limited biopic series BLOOD BROTHERS as well as directing the feature documentary TROLL SLAYERS.
Cedar is a member of WIFT Germany, the EWA network and the Actors Society as well as the Film- & Medienbüro Niedersachsen e.V., the Filmbüro Bremen e.V. and a faculty member at the berliner schule für schauspiel in Berlin.

... and our freelancers

Wooden O collaborates with a number of freelancers who support our clients with their individual needs. We have additional acting and vocal production coaches who cover several European languages and dialects as well as photographers and videographers who ensure that a full service can be provided, even when times are hectic.