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An English-language comedy-drama set in the UK and north Germany

w/ an up-and-coming international creative team

produced by G.O. cross media production GmbH and Cassiopeia Pictures Ltd.

funded by the nordmedia film commission in Lower Saxony and Bremen

The Road to Nirvana

Sometimes in order to find yourself, you have to get lost along the way.

The Road to Nirvana' tells the story of disillusioned actor Dennis, his screw-the-establishment friend Conal and their journey across two countries on two vintage East German mopeds. Dennis is a German actor who came to England, dreaming of a breakthrough in the entertainment industry. Instead he commutes to the city centre five days a week in order to be a nine-to-five slave to his less-than-glamorous job in IT phone support. His week-ends are marked by a set of rituals he and his best mate Conal came up with. The Batman to Dennis' Robin, this Irish musician is a real ladies' man and not afraid to take charge of any situation. When Dennis gets called to an audition in Berlin, Conal suggests a road trip with Dennis' two vintage Simson mopeds.


It takes a bit of convincing, but a couple of days later the men are on their way to Germany at 40 miles an hour. Even though they soon realise they have bitten off more than they could chew, the trip nevertheless brings the two closer together as friends and forces Conal to come face to face with what is haunting him. And Dennis faces a choice that will define his career and pave the way for both men to accept life for what it is and look forward to what the future and their friendship hold in store for them.

Join us on a 45 mile an hour ride to the centre of yourself.